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Marktleider kiest voor innovatie

Marleen Jacobs

Bij Autogrill België streven ze naar een gezonde work-life balance en een maximale flexibiliteit voor hun medewerkers. Ambassadeur en HR & Quality Manager Marleen Jacobs vertelt haar geheim.

Time as your company's heart rate monitor

Protime blog - Time as heartrate monitor

Data is not an end, but a means to an end. It offers you something to hold on to during changes or growth. How do you make sure your employees don't go too fast? Or when can they just go a little faster?

25 years of innovation and growth

Protime 25 years celebration

We're January 1995. Windows applications are conquering the business world at lightning speed and the well-known mechanical time clock would quickly lose ground, in our opinion. Automation, that would be the future!